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Peak Security

The folowing security offerings help protect your VPS, Co-located or Dedicated servers that are either located on-premise or in the Cloud.  Stats show that 80% of security breaches originate inside the organization.

* Intrusion Detection Services (IDS) protect your servers from malicious activities and attacks and alerts personnel
* Intrusion Prevention Services (IPS) blocks threats and unauthorized access
* SOC - Security Operations Centre monitors the information from IDS/IPS appliances and notifies you of alerts 7x24
* Firewall management
* Wireless security
* System/Network Review-Report - involves vulnerability testing, penetration testing, network/server reviews
* Server/Patch Review, Management & Hardening
* Log Monitoring
* Vulnerability Scans
* Penetration Testing
* Security audits
* Security policy development and management (Information Security Policy - ISP)
* Application and database security
* IP Management (DNS/DHCP)
* Anti-Virus & Spam Filtering
* PCI Certification - is meant to enhance the security of credit card information
* DDOS Protection - denial of service 
* Mobile & PC/Tablet security
* Policies & Standards

* VULNERABILITY TESTING - is one of the methods used to review your infrastructure for weaknesses.  This review is a quick, non-intrusive method of determining possible exposure to your permiter defences without causing any interruptions.
* PENETRATION TESTING - is another method used to examine your infrastructure for weaknesses.  This test expands on the procedures used in a vulnerability test and includes denial of service attacks.  We will use tools and techniques similar ot those used by hackers in an attempt ot circumvent the security measures of your systems.  
* NETWORK REVIEW - is teh reviewing of server and PC's on the network for correct levels of access, softwaer, operating system patches, AV, Spam and malware blocking programs.
* SERVER REVIEW - incorporates auditing the following: user accounts, file & print shares, installed applications and services, server/domain policies, server security and log examination, software levels, and required software.
* SERVER HARDENING - includes updating your operating system, tightening your network configuration, and tightening your system configuration.

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