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Glossary of IT Terms

- Co-Location - Allows you to place your own equipment in 3 Peaks datacentre, thus giving you superior bandwidth, power, physical security, fire suppression, and cooling.

- Dedicated Server - is a server that is owned by 3 Peaks, but which is dedicated to a single customers' website.  A dedicated server is suitable for medium to high volume sites.  You have the ability to install any software on the server, and you get root access.

- Load Balanced Servers - are two or more servers which share mirrored web content.  A load balancing device directs traffic to the best performing server.  This allows for increased handling of web traffic, as well as increased uptime should one server fail.

- Shared Hosting - is a website that is hosted on a 3 Peaks server along with many other websites.  All sites on the server share the resources of the physical server.  This service is suitable for low to medium volume sites.  The advantage of this service is the low cost, but the disadvantages are that the performance is not guaranteed, and the single server is a single point of failure.  You also do not have root access to the server. 

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