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No Fees - we include DNS, IP's, backups/restores, and firewall changes at no additional charge in all of our offerings!

CLIENT LOGIN FOR SELF-SERVICE - To login to our control panels to maintain your hosted systems (DNS, Email, Websites, Backups, etc.), please click on the "Client Login" on the navigation at the left side of this page OR the top right of every page.

1) Email - - between 8am-5pm on weekdays this email account is regularly monitored.  For after 5pm or on weekends, please use option 3 for support, unless your request is not of an urgent nature.
2) Phone support - is available between 8am-5pm EST, dial 905-631-5855 and press 1 for support.
3) After hours support - for support after 5pm EST or on weekends, please call 905-631-5855 and press 1 for support.  You will be connected with an answering service who will take your name and number.  The answering service is not able to assist you with your problem, but their job is to make sure that they give your name and number directly to one of our on-call technicians as fast as possible.  This method is much better than leaving a message on an answering machine and waiting for a call back.

HOW WE SUPPORT YOU - What makes us different!
When selecting a vendor it is important to ask if you can get immediate access to someone who can solve your problem or if you have to go thru multiple levels or just check a website for system status.  At 3 Peaks we just have one level!  Our support methods are mirrored to the experience that customers of Mercedes Benz have.  Whether you have bought a used car or a top of the line sports car from Mercedes you receive the same amazing service.  3 Peaks strives to provide the same service levels to our customers.  Click here to read what our customers are saying about us!

Every managed solution that we offer comes with our technical support and access to our senior technicians 24/7.  Our support includes:

  • 24/7 technical support
  • Remote hands and eyes
  • Automated and manual reboots
  • Automated and manual operating system updates
  • System monitoring (resources, applications and processes) and corrective action when required
  • Network based security protection
  • Bandwidth monitoring
  • On-demand vulnerability assessment (additional fees for this service)
  • Server administration support (OS configuration and hardening, control panel support, support for popular 3rd party applications (eg. Exchange, SQL, CRM, SharePoint)

If we are hosting a custom application for you then we will work with their technical support teams should there be an issue.  Otherwise we take full accountability for the hosting infrastructure.

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