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How We Deliver


Delivering a solution that is highly available, scalable and secure takes more than just planning.  We have invested time and resources into the following sections of our business to be able to reach our goals.

* PEAK CLOUDS - We've built a superior cloud infrastructure that allows our customers to work on their business and not IT
* SOLIDFIRE SSD SAN - With our all SSD SAN we are able to offer a QoS (quality of service) for IOPS that results in improved performance
* IBM TECHNOLOGY - Using the latest IBM Enterprise grade servers we are able to offer superior performance and flexibility for processing power, cores, and ram
* STEP APPROACH - The 3 Peaks Step Approach is our advantage. We can design, build, and manage the cloud for your business using our proven step methodology—the secret sauce” that other providers haven’t figured out.
* SLA - Our Service Level Agreement is addresses the uptime parameters that we strive for.


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