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Disaster Recovery

The Q9 datacentre provides complete security for the physical hardware and data.  Entrance to the facility is protected with biometric and card access.  The same applies for access to the cabinets.
- The physical servers that are running your systems are clustered, so should one server fail, the other server will take over and run your systems.  The servers also have reduandant power supplies and Raid 10 drives for the host OS.  The typical downtime would be only 5-15 minutes should a server fail.
- The data/virtuals are stored on a SolidFire SSD SAN, where the data is mirrored and the "nodes" of the SAN are in a HA clustered environment.
- Daily backups are done using R1Soft and are held for a 10 day retention period.  This would allow us to roll back up to a maximum period of 10 days.  Should we need to restore virtuals from backups, the time could vary from an hour to up to 12 hours depending upon the size of the virtual.  The backups are stored on a SAN in a secondary datacentre. The data is send over a private 1 Gig fibre connection that is secured with a VPN tunnel.  
RPO - The recovery point is going back to a maximum of 10 days
RTO - The recovery time is dependant upon the size of the virtual
- Measures are in place with the data and servers being housed in a secure datacentre that incorporates biometric and card for access to both the datacentre and cabinets. 
- The datacentre is also secured with bullet-proof glass and security guards.  
- 24/7 technical service is provided by senior engineers should there be any problems with your system.
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